Simple Sunday: Dawn Dish Liquid and the Plunger

Awhile back, I came across some interesting things you can do with Dawn Dish Detergent Liquid.  You can add a squirt to your laundry to get rid of sour smells, you can add it to homemade cleaning solutions, make bubbles, and in fact… there are all kinds of things you can do with Dawn!  Google it.

So, I have another use for Dawn Dish Detergent.  Using it when you toilet gets plugged up.  I kid you not.

We were in a crisis– plugged toilet and two potty training toddlers.  I had to Google what to do and this is what came up…

Let me interject here:  I hate low-flow toilets.

Here’s the deal, when the toilet is plugged up and no amount of plunging will fix it…

Add 1/2 cup of Dawn liquid to the toilet and let it set for approximately 15 minutes.

Next, you are going to pour a 1/2 gallon of very hot water into the toilet quickly.  You need to pour the water about waist high, to create force to release the clog.  As the water hits the plug, flush the toilet.

If this has not loosened the clog, plunge and repeat if needed.  (You might need to empty the toilet of the excess water.)

This might take 2-3 times to work… but, so far (knock on wood) I have never had this NOT work.

Super cool.  Right?

You’re welcome.


  1. Low-flow toilets are worthless. I’ll remember this one.

  2. dawn detergent is also good in the formula for skunk smell removal from your dog!!!

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