Simple Sunday: Lose It!

I recently became a Google convert.  I used to be Yahoo-this and Yahoo-that, but when my account got hacked for the third time I decided I needed to change.  I am never going back to Yahoo.  I love Google.

I recently downloaded Chrome– Google’s web browser.  You can add apps to your browser that are easily accessible.  It’s not the best browser in the world, but its not IE and that’s a plus in my book!

I was an on-and-off user of My Fitness Pal to record my food and weight loss.  In messing around in the Google store, I found an free app (for Chrome) called Lose It.  I added it to my browser with a simple click.  I was able to log in with my Google account information and set up the basics– weight, goals, etc.  I was good to go.

You need to try this app!  Very user friendly, none of the extra crap MFP has, unless you like messing with all the social stuff.  Personally, I can barely keep up with this blog and Twitter…so, having to keep up with friends on MFP is a little much.  The app is cleanly designed, easy to search, easy to make updates or add foods.  It also has a bar code scanner– which is awesome. (I know MFP had one, but it never would work correctly for me.)

Lose It also has a free iPhone app in the store.  I’m not sure about Android.  I encourage you go to check it out, especially if you already have a Google account.

Until next Sunday, live simple.

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