Six Word Stories: Week 1 Recap | Mini Van Dreams

Six Word Stories: Week 1 Recap

This year, I am participating in Page Flutter’s Six Words Better Challenge.  Each day, we are given a topic and we write a six word story related to the topic.  January’s theme is mindfulness, with each day’s topic having something to do with the theme.  It has been a lot of fun coming up with a story in six words.  This is the past week’s Six Word Stories.

Six Word Stories: Week 1 Recap | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Morning Walk

Six Word Stories: Morning Walk | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Pause

Six Word Stories: Pause | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Open Door

Six Word Stories: Open Door | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Secret SpotSix Word Stories: Secret Spot | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Inbox

Six Word Stories: Inbox | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: Tagalong

Six Word Stories: Tagalong | Mini Van Dreams


Topic: The Listener

Six Word Stories: The Listener | Mini Van Dreams





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