Sunday Stealing 8/22/21| Mini Van Dreams

Sunday Stealing 8/22/2021

I always love participating in the Sunday Stealing blog hop hosted by Bev… I don’t know why I don’t participate more! Interestingly, I did just realize that Bev is in another group I joined called the League of Extraordinary Penpals! So, I will definitely be trying to join up more often! Ready for today’s stolen questions? Let’s go!

Sunday Stealing 8/22/21| Mini Van Dreams

1. Has anyone ever made fun of your taste in music?

Yes. All the time. I have a very eclectic taste in music. On my play list, you can find country, classic rock, oldies, pop, and even some rap!

2. Do you have pop-tarts in your house right now?

I should, unless T ate the last one during his Saturday night all-nighter game playing.

3. Does someone owe you over twenty dollars?

Hmmmm. I don’t think so. But, if someone wants to give me $20, I would definitely take it!

4. When was the last time you burned any part of your body?

Last weekend, I got sunburnt during my cousin’s wedding. I didn’t think I was in the sun (it was outside) – I thought I was sitting in the shade. But, I must have been – should have put on sunscreen!

5. What kind of booze did you last take shots of?

Last weekend, at the rehearsal dinner, my cousin shared some whiskey his friends bought him as a gift. If I am not mistaken,, it was Stranahan’s Original Single Malt.

6. If you could see any musician live, front row, who would you choose?

Oooooo. This is a tough one! I would love to see Jimmy Buffet or the Eagles – front row, dead center!

7. If I gave you ten dollars, what would you spend it on?

Maybe a book or two for my Kindle.

8. Does / did either of your parents serve in the military?

My dad was a ham radio operator in Germany for the army in the mid-60’s.

9. Do you like sour candy?

I love me some sour patch kids!

10. What do you do to stay awake when youโ€™re tired?

If I am in the car, I will turn my AC on full blast and sing loud. If I am at home, I will drink some soda.

11.Do you wear your shoes around the house?

No. And I think people who do that are very weird. As soon as I walk in the door, my shoes get kicked off.

12. Is there ever a time that you enjoy cold showers?

When I have been outside working or doing something in the heat – all sweaty and icky.

13. Are you good at filling silence in awkward situations?

Sometimes, but it is usually with inappropriate humor.

14. Any TV shows you sit down weekly to watch?

Not really. We watch a lot of things on Discovery+ or Disney+ – so it is more of a binge-type watching.

15. Are you one to sneak food into movie theaters?

No. The movie theater my boyfriend and I go to has the BEST soft pretzel bites. There is no way I could top those… I love them so much, he always tells me he is afraid to snag one during the movie because I might try to take a bite out of his finger. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Great answers–a cool shower during this heat wave has been a treat!

  2. I am with you on the variety of music. I just love so many different types of music.
    I do not think I have ever been to a theater that has mini pretzel bites. That sounds fantastic! I would order that too. Loved your answers! Have a great day!

  3. ::raises hand:: weird person here who can’t stand to be barefoot and wears shoes except in the shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. How cool someone else from LEP is answering Sunday Stealikng questions. I sometimes steal the LEP monthly questions to post here too.

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