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Sunflower Social Media Icons

Happy August!  Not only is August my birthday month, but it is one month closer to my favorite season… Fall.  We are getting ready for fair week in our town.  Today, after work, I am running my fair cards to the grandstand to get them judged.  I can’t wait to show them to you.  One of my cards has a sunflower on it, so in honor of the fair and the dog days of summer, I thought I would create a set of sunflower social media icons.  As always, these are free to use!  If there is a specific color you would like to see in the future (yes, you can even give me the HEX code) I can see about creating some.  Hope you enjoy this set!

Free Sunflower Social Media Icons | Mini Van Dreams

This set includes Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Skype, eMail, You Tube, RSS, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Paypal, and Picassa.  Want something else?  Leave me a comment!

The HEX code for the set is #ff9e00.  The RGB is: R255 G158 B0.

62 x 62

56 x 56

48 x 48




  1. Downloaded the needed icons and sizes above.
  2. Open WordPress and upload the chosen icon sizes to your media library.
  3. Click into the picture to locate the image link.  Copy and paste this link to a blank document.
  4. Go to appearance, then widgets on your dashboard.
  5. Add a new HTML/text widget to your sidebar or footer.
  6. Copy code below for each social media icon you are adding (you can also use HTML coding to customize these, such as centering them.)




For example, my Twitter code looks like this:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Twitter“/></a>



  1. Download the needed sizes and icons above.
  2. Open the Blogger dashboard.
  3. Open a new post.  Title it “SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS DO NOT DELETE” or something similar.
  4. Upload your social media icons into the post, like you would for regular photos.
  5. Adjust the look of them – (i.e. remove spaces, etc).
  6. Click the picture, then click link in the tool bar.
  7. Add your social media link (
  8. Continue for each social media icon.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click into the HTML tab of your post.
  11. Highlight the text, right click and click copy.
  12. Close the post without publishing (just save it).
  13. Go to layout on your dashboard and click add a gadget.
  14. Choose the HTML/JavaScript gadget.
  15.  Right click in the content area and click paste.
  16. Click save.
  17. Verify the location on your sidebar by clicking view blog.  Move if necessary.


For both social media icon installations, I highly recommend double checking your links by logging out of your admin profile and visiting your site or having a friend check for you.


Not feeling this color of social media icons?  Check out my other sets!

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