Do you have any superstitions?  In honor of Friday the 13th, I thought I would share a few of mine.  And, trust me, I have several.  From marching band, to racing, to mooing at cows… I wouldn’t call myself “very superstitious” but I do have a few.

Very superstitious, writings on the wall, very superstitious, ladders bout’ to fall.

Lucky Penny – While I was in marching band, each year I would search for a lucky penny at the first competition of the year.  When I found it, I immediately put it in my pocket and kept it the entire season for good luck.  At state competition, I would participate in our warm up exercises, then walk over to the cemetery that was next to the stadium and would throw the penny as far as I could.

Mooing at Cows – Right outside the race track, there was a dairy farm.  Each Saturday, as we drove by, I would roll my window down and moo as loud as I could at the cows for luck.

Touching the Car – Before each race, I will walk around the car and run my fingers around the entire body of the car, always beginning and ending at the drivers door.

Steelers Cheerleader – My cousin won me a Steelers cheerleader from one of those claw machines one time, many years ago.  We put it up on the entertainment center, but then the Steelers began losing.  The hubs took the cheerleader and threw it in a box in our spare room.  It is still in that box in the attic.  occasionally, it re-surfaces and sees the light of day… and the Steelers start losing.  It is immediately returned to the box.

The Eagles – Every pass I made down the track, I had Hotel California by the Eagles playing on my radio.  I would sing all the way down the track at the top of my lungs.

Rainbows – Growing up, my parents always told us that rainbows were God’s promise of his love for us.  So, whenever I see a rainbow, I know it means something good.  The day I went for my IUI to get pregnant, I saw a double rainbow – I actually stopped to take a picture of it.  It hadn’t rained and wasn’t raining… but there was still a rainbow.  Six weeks later, I was told I was pregnant with twins.


So, those are my superstitions.  What’s yours?


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