SWAT Team Open Up! via Mini Van Dreams

SWAT Team Open Up

When you hear the words, “SWAT team open up.  Do it now.”  Your heart skips a beat.  Your palms get sweaty.  Your breath hitches and you begin to wonder.  “Oh God, what did I do?”  Nevermind the fact the authorities are five houses down from your house, surrounding another house with big guns, shields, and other equipment.  It’s still scary.  

SWAT Team Open Up!  via Mini Van Dreams

Right after we were married, Don and I met for dinner after work at Pizza Hut in the town we lived in.  Afterwards, we headed home.  While pulling onto our street, a huge box-truck pulled in front of me and was driving super fast.  All of a sudden, they squealed to a stop on our street.  I was right behind them.  Don turned down the cross street and headed home.

As I was waiting to get past them – the truck was blocking the street – several members of the SWAT team jumped out of the back end of the truck, complete with bullet proof vests, shields, and BIG guns.

It was just like you see on TV… they all spread out with their guns and shields and began moving through the back yards of houses on our street.

Um.  Okay.

The truck pulled away and I was able to go on to our driveway.  Now, mind you, this was only a few houses down from our law-abiding abode.

I get home and run into the house to tell Don what happened.

Next thing we know, we hear over a loud speaker:  “SWAT Team.  Open up.  Do it now.”

“SWAT Team.  Open up.  Do it now.”

We went outside to peek down the street.  The SWAT team was fanned out around the house.  There were two men squatted down under the window and by the door… and one was poised with the battering ram ready to beat down the door.

“SWAT Team.  Open up.  Do it now.”

We stood outside in the driveway and watched until another officer came and informed everyone outside to go inside because it was dangerous.


For over an hour, we would hear “SWAT Team.  Open up.  Do it now.”

Eventually, the SWAT team got inside – for the life of me, I can’t remember if they beat the door down or not.

They arrested the individuals inside for holding an elderly gentleman hostage in the house while tied up with a phone cord.  Over money.

Nothing ever happens on our block.


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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Ah yes I’ll never forget that night, was just like a movie scene. One of those cool but at the same time scary things to see. I remember coming down the street to turn onto ours and these unmarked cars turning in front of me then here comes a vehicle with the words Swat Team and I’m thinking uh oh what’s going on. I didn’t do it all I did was easy pizza and I know I paid the bill before we left. Great story thanks for sharing with your readers.

  2. Great googly moogly! I’d have been scared to death, hiding in a corner, and there you were, watching from the front yard. Craziness!! Perhaps it’s because my dad was a policeman and I knew better.

    (btw, I love that Don always comments.)

  3. Heck, I make him share everything on social media too. LOL!

  4. Yikes! That must have been very scary. Or just seemed surreal – like a scene from a movie as Don said. Still, I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go outside to watch the SWAT team at work!

  5. Part of me was freaking out, but I was hoping nothing bad would happen! LOL. That was about the time we decided to move someplace safer.

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