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Talking Bums

This is a repost from a couple of years ago.  Last night, one of the kids “stinkered” and they both got to laughing and it reminded me of this post.  Plus, this last class for my master’s is kicking my butt, and I didn’t have time to post my tutorial on seat covers yet… but, I will.  Promise.  Ready to laugh this morning?  Put down your coffee.  Trust me.

Talking Bums | Mini Van Dreams

If you have kids, you know how hilarious they think their body sounds are… you know, as in stinkers.  They will do it then laugh hysterically, and then usually do it again.   Recently, Nana, the kids and I went to Frankenmuth, Michigan on vacation and the following conversation took place.

Somewhere along the line, the kids began referring to their bottoms as “bums.”  I think this is from Wonder Pets.  Or, they think they are English.  I am not sure.

So, for he first night, we are lying in bed and someone stinkers.  This is what transpires…

The kids giggle.

Nana and I giggle.

Nana: Bo, what do you say?

Bo:  I stinkered.

More giggling.

Nana:  Bo, that isn’t what you say.  You say excuse me.

Bo:  But, I stinkered.  I didn’t burp.

More giggling.  And a burp.

Nana:  When we stinker or burp, we say excuse me.

(Now, you might wonder why I am not involved in this conversation.  It is because I have my head buried in my pillow with my hand over my mouth, trying not to laugh.)

Nana:  Bo, what do you say?


Nana:  Bo?

Bo:  But my bum doesn’t talk.

(At this point, I am laughing so hard I am crying.)

My bum doesn’t talk.

How can you argue with logic like that?


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