taps and toilets santaps and toilets sanitation block wateraiditation block wateraid

Taps and Toilets

Taps and toilets!  Taps and toilets!  This is the battle cry among schoolchildren in Madagascar this summer.  Each year, 13,000 children under the age of five die from water-related diseases.  This summer, you can help transform these children’s lives– their futures– by helping provide taps and toilets to 12,000 children!

 WaterAid is leading an initiative to reach 31 schools with over 150 taps and 100 toilets this summer.  And, they need your help!




Perlette: “I want to be a doctor”

“I am 13 years old. I love school, as it is the only way to be clever. When I am older I want to be a doctor and treat sick children. I have missed school because of drinking dirty water. It may stop me from being a doctor.”


Zafera: “I want to be a midwife”

“Science and geography are my favorite lessons. When I finish my studies, I would like to be a midwife like my aunt. If we have water and toilets here, we will be more engaged in our studies.”


With the help of WaterAid supporters, my ambition is that these plans become reality for Tsimahavaobe primary school by September this year. We can install a water connection, build a toilet block and build somewhere for the children to wash their hands…giving every single one of the 303 children at the school the chance to achieve their hopes and dreams. – Ernest, WaterAid Worker


Check out these plans for Tsimahavaobe primary school…

taps and toilets santaps and toilets sanitation block wateraiditation block wateraidtaps and toilets handwashing station wateraid

Follow their story and live updates on Twitter using #buildfutures or sign up for email updates here.  Check out more of the initiative in Madagascar here.  You can also follow WaterAid on Twitter and Facebook for more information!  And, they would love for you to get involved or even donate to help children change the battle cry of “Taps and Toilets” to a cheer of victory.
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