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The Edge of Town: A Poem

Have you ever had one of those crazy weekends where nothing got done?  My Monday isn’t any better.  So, thankfully I had this post ready to go.  If you recall, I had uncovered an old literary magazine from high school that I was the editor on.  Here is another one of my poems.  I wrote this after having a conversation with a friend who lived down the street.  He and I decided we needed to leave the town we grew up in to see the world.  He went into the military and ended up settling down in the South.  I ended up in a smaller town than I grew up in.  Go figure.  I never did make it to New York, California, or Nebraska.  Maybe one of these days…

The Edge of Town

Soon, now, a few months

Maybe a year.

I’m leaving on an exploration

for myself.

I plan to take Main Street

out of town.

From there, who knows?

Maybe I’ll go to New York

or California or Nebraska

(I have always wanted to go there.)

Maybe I’ll follow a few dreams.

Chase a few stars,

if only I have the guts

to get past the edge of town.

When I go,

I shall cut all ties.

Never looking back or forward.

Living for the day.

Being myself.  Dreaming.

Breaking free of a mold.

There’s a whole, wide world out there.

Just beyond the edge of town.


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