Together. We’re Stronger.

The World Food Programme helps families who have lost everything.  Droughts.  Hurricanes.  Armed conflict.  Families who are hungry.  Your donation can help provide food for refugees fleeing Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haitian families devastated by hurricanes, and families struggling to find food due to drought in Somalia.

Some organizations even match or triple your donations to charities… think of the impact you can have on a family struggling to feed their children!  Check here  (at the bottom) to see if your company matches charitable donations, or check with your HR department at work.

Plus, you have a few days left to make a charitable donation that is tax-deductible for your 2012 taxes.  Just sayin’.

Video used with permission by the World Food Programme.  Please contact your accountant or tax consultant for information on charitable donation deductions.




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