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Well, I made it a full week at my new job… but I am mentally exhausted.  I am grateful, however, that my schooling is now paying off and I am doing the tasks that I was trained to do.  The other employees there are wonderful and the whole culture is amazing.  I love it.  Today is Monday, so that means it is time for Monday Listicles… this week’s topic is 10 Totally Absurd Things.  Ready?  Let’s go…

10 Totally Absurd Things

  1. Pacifiers.  Sorry.  My kids didn’t use them and it drives me nuts to see older children with them.  It usually takes all that I have to not rip them out of kids’ mouths or make comments to their parents.
  2. Coffee sleeves.  The point of having coffee is that its hot.  Right?  You should know that its hot.  Right?  What protection do you really think a little paper sleeve is going to give you from the heat?
  3. Red Light Cameras.  Go ahead.  Send me a picture of my license plate.  Maybe I will send you a picture of my money.
  4. DUI Checkpoints.  In theory, these are great.  However, do you not think that people are made aware of where these are located on any given night and the drunk drivers will take a different route home?  Come on.
  5. The Sanjay and Craig cartoon.  When the kids watch it – which thankfully is not often – I swear I can feel my brain cells committing suicide.
  6. Self-checkout lines.  Am I the only person who has difficulties using these?  The attendant always has to come over to help me or something doesn’t scan right.  And, I still have to pay full price.  I am doing the scanning and bagging… shouldn’t they pay ME?
  7. Those bird houses that attach to your window so you can observe the birds in their natural habitat.  Um… okay.  Do you really think those birds don’t know you are looking at them through the window?
  8. Man purses.  Dude, really?  How about you just carry a messenger bag like the rest of the free world.  You look stupid.
  9. Those truck “balls” that hang from hitches.  You look dumb.  I just want to take scissors and castrate your truck.
  10. Purses for dogs.  Here’s an idea.  Leave your pet at home.  They’d love a break from your craziness.

What do you think is the most absurd thing?

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