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Unique Christmas Card Ideas

Do you know there are twelve weeks until Christmas?!  *gulp*  Wasn’t it JUST Christmas?  About this time of year, I try to keep an eye out for unique and fun Christmas card ideas.  I love the fun, unique, not-your-everyday cards.  While browsing, I came across Minted.com and wanted to share with you some of their cool, unique Christmas cards!  And, they will even do the addressing for you!

Unique Christmas Card Ideas | Mini Van Dreams

Are these not the most darling cards?  I can’t decide on my favorite one!  I love the new take on the old-standby newsletter-type card… in a fun, unique way!  Most of the cards can be customized with different colors, along with your personal information!  And, with a just a click of a button on the Minted.com website, you can see what the various colors would look like on your chosen card!  Each card is created by an independent designer… you can even vote to help pick the next designs for their products!  (And, if you are crafty with digital designs, you can submit your own to be voted on!)

But who are the designers?  Minted.com designers are people from around the world with a passion for design.  As the website explains, “Some of them have design degrees, and some of them don’t. Many are parents, some have full-time jobs in creative fields, and many are well-known quite apart from their success on Minted.”  How cool is that?

Not only does Minted have cards, they also carry stationary, business cards, planners, journals, announcements, invitations, and more!  And all are uber-cute!


So, you picked your card design, now what?  Choose your quantity and other options and then just click the personalize button and it walks you through what you need to do!  You can’t mess up!  If your words are too big for the space, it gives you a little warning sign to let you know you need to adjust the size!  The cool thing is, once you do the basic “mock up” of what you want, a real life human will tweak it to make sure it looks perfect and will send you a proof to see what the final version will look like!  And, if you have a special request, all you have to do is click the special request button and someone will help you design exactly what you want!

If you are looking for something unique and paper/stationary related… head over to Minted.com.  You will be glad you did.

Now, I just have to figure out what Christmas card design I want to send this year…


In exchange for this post, I received a complimentary credit to Minted.com for a possible future product review.   All opinions and statements are my own and were not influenced in any way by the compensation received.  All photos and information used with permission.  Please see my disclosure for more information.




  1. Those are cute cards! I just wish I could sum up our year on one. After all of these years, there is a lot of pressure for us to put out funny letters.

  2. Twelve weeks?!?! Yikes! I have to wait until our new grandbaby is born in November before I have all my photos for my holiday cards but thanks for the nudge to start selecting a design! These look great!

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