We Don’t Own Horses

As with most mommy bloggers, Ree Drummond is my hero.  I followed her when she was just a blogger at The Pioneer Woman and watch her cooking show now that she is a Food Network star.  I DVR The Pioneer Woman to watch when I have “me time.”  Occasionally, the kids will sit down and watch the show to see the ranch, Ree’s kids, and the horses.  If they are flipping through the channels and come across The Pioneer Woman, one of them will call out, “Look mommy, its the Pioneer Woman.”  

This week, I was sitting in the bathroom while Mo was taking her bath.

She was playing and pretending like she usually does.

She had two plastic watering cans sitting on the side of the tub and she was discussing the ingredients she was putting in each “pot” and how she was making strawberry shortcake and blueberry cake.  She discussed how they were her favorite dishes and how everyone loved them and thought they were yummy.

She would say, “Next you put a pinch of strawberries and a dash of pepper.”

“And, now add the cake.”

She would stir the water in the pots and pretend to turn the stove on.

She said, “I have to put some spices in” and pretended to sprinkle spices on top of the pot.

At this point, I expected her to ask me if I wanted a bite, but she didn’t.  I finally asked her if I could have some and she replied, “No, its cooling right now.  Maybe later.”

When I was drying her off and dressing her, I asked if she was pretending to be the Pioneer Woman, and she replied, “No mommy, we don’t have horses.”

And, come to think of it… I never did get to “taste” her strawberry shortcake and blueberry cake.

Maybe the cowboys ate it.

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