Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 108

Its that time again… another Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I’m still fighting the creepy-crud, so I am sorry the blog hasn’t been has hopping as usual.  I haven’t even had a chance to visit anyone on the memes.  I hope one day, I will feel better.  I will, right?

1.  What is ONE thing or area in your home or life you hope to report is completely organized when 2013 draws to a close?  Do you  have a plan to make it happen? 

OMG.  My scrapbook stuff.  As sad as this is, I have a beautiful set up in our basement—huge l-shaped counter, cabinets, lights, several outlets.… and yet, ALL my scrapbook stuff is upstairs shoved into my CLOTHES closet shelves and in the big-roller carrying cases I have.  Seriously.  I can’t find a dang thing.  I don’t have a plan.  But, I need one.

2.  What’s the worst uniform you’ve ever had to wear for a job?

I worked at a pizza place for a week and we had to wear these horrible HOT polo shirts and khaki pants.  Now, I made pizzas… can you imagine what a mess I was when I got home?  Pizza sauce doesn’t come out.

3.  What was your last kitchen ‘mishap’?  This question comes to you curtesy of Betty who blogs over at A Glimpse Into Midlife… everyone so say hi to Betty!

Wow.  I am trying to think.  (I have so many.)  The last major one—beyond food burning, etc—was the Hubs placed a basket of clothes on our ceramic topped stove and left it there.  A little while later, I was giving Mo a bath and kept smelling something strange.  I walked into the kitchen later and the basket had gotten shoved back onto the knob and turned it on… it burnt a burner-sized hole in the bottom of the basket.  We are so lucky it didn’t catch on fire!

4.  How do you protect yourself from other people’s negativity?

I used to let it get to me.  But, now I just ignore it and go on with life.  Life is way too short to be negative and critical.

5.  Who in your family do you most resemble (physically)? If you have children, who do people say they favor? Do you agree? 

I would have to say it is a toss-up between my Grandma Apple and my dad.  Mo looks just like me as a child and Bo is the spittin’ image of my brother.

6.  January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day…will you be celebrating?

I wish.  Do you think I could‘ve gotten the day off?

7.  Some of the ‘world’s best winter festivals’ are – Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Quebec Winter Festival (Canada), Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah), Rio Carnivale (Brazil), Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan), Venice Carnival (Italy) and the Harbin Ice Festival (Northern China).  Of those listed, (and if cost were not a factor) which would you most like to attend and why?

Definitely Mardi Gras.  I want to earn my beads

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

So, in June, I had someone redesign my blog for me—header, background, button, etc.  yesterday, I updated the Genesis framework and it screwed my blog up royally.  Of course, it’s the same day I had sent out some sponsorship emails.  I emailed her and have yet to receive a response back.  I ended up going on Etsy and buying this premade one that is on my blog now.  Which, I LOVE much more than I did the other one.  The old one wasn’t me.  I just wish I would have known I could have bought a premade one and saved $50.  Not happy, but now I know.  What do you think of the new design?  Love it?  Hate it?

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