Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 158 via

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Vol. 158

It’s Wednesday Hodgepodge time!  I realized I hadn’t participated since before Christmas… so, I thought I would get to partying with Joyce.  Keep reading to find out what the last thing I looked for online was, if I am a force to be reckoned with and what I love about winter.  

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 158 via

1.  Are you a force to be reckoned with? In what way?

I believe so.  I am a very determined and stubborn individual.  And, heaven help you if you get in my way.

2. What are two things you love about the wintertime? Or, if love feels like too strong a word, what are two things you ‘like’ about winter? 

I love the crispness of the air and the fresh, untouched snow.

3. Pomegranate, kumquat, persimmon, kiwi, and guava are all fruits said to have health benefits, particularly during the winter months. Do you have a favorite on the list? Are there any on the list you haven’t tried? 

Of those on the list, I like kiwi.  I haven’t tried any of the others…

4. I passed a local church yesterday and noticed they had this on their outdoor sign- ‘When all else fails, do the right thing.‘ Your thoughts?

Agreed.  Unless the “right thing” is wrong, then you should follow your gut.

5. Do you ski? According to one list I’ve seen, the top 5 ski destinations for 2014 are-St. Anton Austria, Whistler Canada, Cortina Italy, Tahoe USA, and Zermatt Switzerland.  Of the five listed, which would you most like to visit? We can make skiing optional if that helps the non-skiers with their answer. 

I don’t ski.  I have always wanted to, but I don’t think I am that coordinated.  But, since we are dreaming… it would have to be Switzerland.  Just because I would like to visit there.

6.  What’s the last thing you looked for online? (Besides my blog!)

Flea medicine for my new dog.

7. What saying, slogan, quote, or motto have you seen lately that inspires you for the new year?

“Keep Going.”

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday, Don and I decided to surprise the twins with an overnight trip to Dave & Busters for their birthday.  Since we are trying to not use our credit cards, I have to wait to get the room and its making me crazy.  I used to just charge it – buy now, pay later.  But, we can’t live like that.  So, I am biding my time until we have the extra money saved to get the room.

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  1. I didn’t know Dave & Buster’s had overnight accomadations. I don’t think the ones here do. Sounds fun and good for you for waiting to pay cash 🙂

  2. They don’t. That would be sweet if they did! We are just staying at a hotel right next door. 🙂

  3. In hindsight you’ll feel so good knowing you didn’t charge it. Have lots of fun!

  4. It’s hard not to touch the charge cards! I’m getting mine aid off from the holidays and I’m trying to put money away for a tablet for me, but not using the charge card. I admire your self control!

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