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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 166

Happy Wednesday Hodgepodge!  About the time this post goes live, I will be dying a slow death in CPR training.  I’m due for certification and they take care of it at work – it’s just we have to be there at (gulp) 7:30 am.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t function before 9:30 or so… and I won’t have access to a Diet Pepsi.  Poor people in this class.  They have no idea what I am like without my soda first thing in the morning.

Since it’s Wednesday Hodgepodge time… let’s get to it!

1. Do you have an interest in learning about your family’s heritage? Why or why not? If you know a little bit about your roots, share an interesting piece of trivia or a fun fact about someone who goes way back on your family tree.

I do have an interest in genealogy and finding out about family history.  I just think it is interesting.  I actually traced my dad’s side of the family back pretty far.  I did find out, from the best I can tell, that his family came from Hesse, Germany.  When they came over, they took the name Hess (either by design or because they accidentally dropped the E at Ellis Island), and it was Hess ever since.

2. Branch Rickey, the baseball exec credited with signing Jackie Robinson, is quoted as saying- “Luck is the residue of design.”  Agree or disagree? Why?

I would have to agree.  Luck can only take you so far.

3. In the town where you currently reside, what’s your favorite green space?

The one behind my house.  When they put the plat in, they only put houses around the outside, so all the neighbors have a football field sized green area behind our houses where the kids play and they occasionally get together for bonfires.

4. Who is your favorite comedian?

George Carlin.  Hands down.

5. March is National Nutrition Month, and almost everyone needs to improve their diet in some way.  What about you? How can you improve your nutrition on a daily basis? Will you try?

Definitely. I need to cut down on the carbs, especially with having PCOS.  It’s very hard.  But, I have been trying to not eat carbs unless I balance it out with some sort of protein.

6. Which of these green expressions have you ‘experienced’ in recent weeks -green with envy, green thumb, green around the gills, or give the green light? Explain.

Unfortunately, it was green around the gills.  I got some sort of tummy bug a couple of weeks back.  I am too old to throw up.  Just sayin’.

7. Where is one place you don’t mind waiting? 

I am very impatient.  I hate to wait.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I really need to work on the next part of my research paper, but I really don’t feel like it tonight.  It’s on virtual money laundering, and you’d think it would be interesting, but the research is very boring.  Speaking of which – do you know one of the ways people are virtually laundering money is through online gambling and gaming sites?  Well, now you know.

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  1. I hope your CPR training wasn’t too dull. It’s always a long day, but a good thing to have. I think any sort of gaming and money laundering go together. The internet has probably made it easier. Hope you get your Pepsi this morning!

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