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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 194

It’s an Ehhhh kind of day here in Ohio.  Dreary and drizzlery.  (Yes, I know that isn’t a word.)  Blah.  I did notice the trees are changing and they are beautiful this year, so that made my day.  Today is Wednesday, which means it is time for a little Hodgepodge fun!  If you have never joined in, hop over to Joyce’s blog and grab the questions and play along!

1. What’s your favorite time of day? Why?

When I get home from work and the kids scream “Mommy” and run up to give me hugs.

2. Waffle iron, toaster, coffee maker, mixer, blender…which small appliance would you say most needs replacing in your house?

Toaster.  My grandparents gave us our toaster and I am pretty sure they had it for years and year before we got it.  We still use it and it works great, but I would love to have a new one that takes bagels…

3. It’s National Grouch Day (October 15)…what’s something that makes you feel grouchy?

Stupidity and people with no common sense.

4. Ever been to Canada? Is that a country you’d like to visit? According to Trip Advisor, the top ten best destinations in Canada are-Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgary, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Whistler, and Halifax. Which city would you most like to see?

I’ve been there a couple of times.  I just remember the craziness of crossing the border and the questions the border patrol would ask us.  I would definitely like to go to Niagara Falls.

5. What was your favorite food (or one of your favorites) when you were a child? Is that still a favorite?

Mashed potatoes with real butter.  Oh my yes… I could sit down with a big bowl right now.

6. Do you cry easily?

Only when I get really, really, really mad.

7. Have you started your (gasp!) Christmas shopping? If so when, and how much? If not, when will you even begin thinking about it?

I actually just purchased my first Christmas present before writing this post.  I bought Mo and Anna costumes for her 18″ dolls.  I was going to make them myself, but it was cheaper – and they were beautiful – to buy them from someone on eBay.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Last night, Bo lost another tooth.  He put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy and this morning when he woke up… she had left him a dollar!  He asked me if I wanted to take it to work and show my friends and that I could tell them he lost his tooth.  So, I am telling my readers… Bo lost his tooth and he got a dollar.

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  1. Congrats on the big tooth news : ) A few people have mentioned mashed potatoes today, and I’m kind of craving some now. I haven’t had mashed potatoes in ages. I recently made the mashed cauliflower that is a suggested alternative. Tasty, but they are most definitely not mashed potatoes!!

  2. That Bo isnt he the cutest!

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