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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 195

Happy Wednesday.  I just have today and tomorrow left in this position and then I transfer to my new position Monday.  I can’t wait!  I’m nervous and excited.  I miss doing “all” the accounting and now I get to again.  Then, to top it off, the creepy crud has hit our house again.  We all have colds in varying stages.  Enough chit chat, let’s get to the Wednesday Hodgepodge questions…

1. Elizabeth Lawrence is quoted as saying, ‘Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.” So have you done just that? And what did you leave undone in order to do so?

I’m assuming this means that we all need to take a break sometimes… stop and smell the roses kind of thing.  I tend to do this when it comes to homework.  I’d rather play with the kids or do something fun than sit down and write a paper any day.

2. Since we’re talking turning…what’s one thing you feel you’re doing ‘every time you turn around‘?

I have twins.  I am repeatedly doing the same things every time I turn around.  The first thing that pops in my head though is picking up the kids’ clothes.

3. How hard is it for you to ‘turn the other cheek?’

It depends on what it is concerning.  If someone is being hurt or degraded or something like that, I have a hard time turning the other cheek.  Unfortunately, I have had to deal with this lately after I turned in my notice that I was transferring.  It has taken everything I have to not confront the individuals who are talking negatively about me… especially since I know where it is coming from.

4. When did you last turn a drawer, your car, a room, or your entire house upside down looking for something? Did you find it?

Well…. sorry Don…. a couple of weeks ago Don lost his cell phone.  We literally tore the house apart looking for it.  We finally decided he should just order a new phone because it was MIA.  Of course, it was off and we couldn’t call it to find it.  One night after work, I systematically went through the entire house looking and had no luck.  I only had the kitchen left and when I reached up on the top shelf of our one cupboard… guess what I found?  Don’s cell phone.  He must have unplugged it from the charger and reached up there for something for breakfast and laid it down.  I am so short, I couldn’t see it from the ground.

5. ‘One good turn deserves another‘…were you most recently on the giving or receiving end of that sentiment?

My friend and I always “spot” each other money when needed so we can go out to lunches.  So, this is a common occurrence with us.

6. Red, yellow, and orange are the colors of fall. Also the colors of fruit. If you were permitted only one color of fruit in your diet, which would you choose? This question isn’t as easy as it sounds, at least not for me.

Definitely yellow.  I love me some bananas.

7. The Hunt for Red October, October Sky, Halloween…which ‘October‘ film is your favorite?

The Hunt for Red October.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The NyQuil at 4 AM when I thought it was 1 AM was a bad idea…. zzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. So glad you found that cellphone! Wish I could find the Saturn keys with the keyless remote that someone-who-will-remain-anonymous lost. LOL I can see that having twins would make one very busy indeed! 🙂 How sweet though.

  2. Glad you found the cell phone. Twins are certainly twice the work! Good luck with your new position.Have you tried taking aspirin for your cold? It seemed to work for us. Take it at night and it will help you sleep.

  3. My oldest lost his phone, and after a week of it not showing up, we got a new one. The very next day, my husband found it buried between the front seats of his car. Because that’s how things work around here. Glad you found Don’s!

    Nyquil at any time is a bad idea. It sticks with me for 24 hours. I can’t function on that stuff.

    In case I can’t make it back to say this later…Good luck on Monday!!

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