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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 197

Happy Wednesday!  I can’t believe this week is almost over!  Keep an eye out for Friday – I will be sharing my 2015 Blog Planner!  It’s all new this year and completely customizable to your needs!  Really!  No extra crap you don’t need or want!  So, make sure you come back by to get your free printable!  Since it’s Wednesday, it means its the Wednesday Hodgepodge!  So join in on the fun…

1. We celebrate Veteran’s Day in the US of A on November 11th. When did you last interact with a member of the armed forces (either currently serving or retired)? Have you ever written a letter to a soldier, bought a meal or coffee for a solider, said an unprompted thank you to a soldier you encountered out and about somewhere? If you’re not in the US, comment on a similar holiday in your own country.

At work on Tuesday, we had our open enrollment meetings and we honored the Veterans at our company by having them come up front for an ovation.  It is interesting seeing who has served, especially since I am new here and don’t know a lot of my coworkers.  I  have written a soldier back in middle school.  I have also thanked soldiers that I have seen out and about.  I have also participated in the standing ovations that you see in airports as the service men and women walk by through the terminals.

2. You can have fifty pounds of anything at all (except money)…what would you choose?

Well, since we are dreaming and it can’t be money… I’d want 50 pounds of good, dark chocolate.  Calorie-free, of course.

3. When did you last receive an invitation in the ‘real’ mail? What was it for and did you attend? When it comes to RSVP-ing, are you an ‘early responder’ or a ‘last minute, barely-under-the-wire’ kind of guest?

I received an invitation for my induction into Sigma Beta Delta… does that count?  I am definitely an early-responder.  It irks me when people don’t RSVP when I send out invites.

4. What’s something you really don’t like to waste?

Scrapbook paper.  Especially the expensive or unique sheets.  I try to save the bigger scraps to use again.

5. Cheers, Friends, MASH, Seinfeld…of the ones listed, your favorite long-running sitcom?

Wow.  It would be a tie between Cheers and MASH.  But, MASH would probably win out because I have a secret crush on Alan Alda.

6. What decision are you glad you made?

Going back to school to get my accounting degree.  Deciding to go through with the fertility treatments.  Marrying Don.  Adopting Kashtin (our husky).  Transferring to a new business unit.  I guess that’s more than one.

7. In this month of ‘Thanksgiving’ what is one thing that’s different today than it was a year ago that you’re grateful for?

I am very grateful to now have a job at a company with great, friendly, and supportive people who treat me with respect and make work a fun place to be again.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have a confession to make.  I still have my Halloween decorations out around the house.  We have been so busy with everything else, I just haven’t had the time to take them down and put them back in the storage tub.  It’s going to be Thanksgiving soon.  I am seriously just thinking about taking down the actual “Halloween” stuff and calling the rest “Autumn” decorations.  How sad is that?

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  1. That’s the beauty of Halloween decorations! Most of them can pass as “Autumn Decorations” and can span the season!

  2. Not sad at all! It’s still Autumn : ) Glad you’re enjoying your new job!

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