Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 213 | Mini Van Dreams

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 213

Happy Wednesday.  As you can see, the blog is back up and running smoothly.  I have found a great web host… Site Ground.  If you are unfamiliar with them and are looking for a web host, check them out!  Their customer service and technical help is out of this world!  It’s Wednesday, and that means it is Wednesday Hodgepodge time!  Ready for some randomness?  Let’s go!

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 213 | Mini Van Dreams

1. Share a favorite song, book, or movie title containing the word green?

There is this super cute series called Gone to Green that is a great read!  The first book is called Gone to Green and the series is called the same.  It’s by Judy Christie.  It’s about this woman who leaves her job as a corporate journalist to take over a small town paper.  Love this series!  Probably my third favorite series ever.

2. Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, ‘Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.’ Would you agree? Are you a believer in luck?

I don’t believe in luck… except on St. Patrick’s Day.  I believe in hard work.  I believe in being in the right place at the right time.  I believe in knowing the right people.  So, does that make me a strong man?

3. Spring water, Hot Springs, handspring, spring fling, spring break, spring fever, offspring…which ‘spring’ word best applies to something in your day, week, or life right now?

Spring fever, definitely.  The weather is warming up some and I almost believe that winter is gone.  Almost.  We are in Ohio, where it has been known to snow in April.

4. What’s something you do to make yourself look or feel more confident?

I am really self-conscience about my teeth.  So, I bleach my teeth with one of those custom fitted trays from the dentist.  It was rather pricey, but it was worth it.

5. It’s National Celery Month…are you a fan? If so, what’s a snack or dish you enjoy that calls for celery?

Celery has to be in something for me to eat it.  I can’t just eat a piece of celery.  If it is in soup or chicken salad or something like that I am all over it.  But, celery by itself… no thanks.

6. What’s one thing you wish you’d learned sooner?

Hmmmm.  I would have to say scrapbooking.  I didn’t really get into it until a few years ago and love it.  It makes me wish I had taken and kept pictures through my middle school and high school years.

7. Would you like to own a second home? If so where would you want that home to be?

I would love a secluded place in the wood or on a mountain with no one for miles. No TV.  Just me, nature, and a good book.  (Or books…)  Oh, and a fireplace.  Gotta have a fireplace.  And a porch.  And a beautiful view.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

The kids’ birthday is coming up.  Mo wants Frozen (of course) and Bo wants The Flash.  Not the Justice League… The Flash.  Do you know how hard it is to find The Flash party supplies?  I am having to piece together the party decorations.  Streamers, balloons, etc are easy.  But plates and napkins and a cake are difficult.  I did find napkins on eBay, and decided to go with plain red and gold plates to match.  I finally found a cake that would work today at our local grocery store.  But, it was for Iron Man and I had to ask them to not put the little decorations on it so I could use it for The Flash.  Then, I had to find a Flash cake topper (eBay… $2.99!)  I think Bo needs to come up with a different superhero for next year…

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