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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 218

Happy Wednesday.  I just received my final grade… I will share it on #8 of the Hodgepodge!  Yes, that’s right!  It’s time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge! Ready to get started?

1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?

Yes, in marching band.  I hated it.  They definitely were not made for large-chested girls.

2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth?


3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous…your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home? Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for?

Brown rice.  We probably eat it once a week.  If I had my choice, it would definitely be some fried rice… and some General Tso’s chicken.  And an egg roll…. yum.

4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?

Hmmmmm.  That’s a tough one.  I don’t know!  I am sure all jobs have their crappy times.  I would have to say the person who gets to read the books at a publisher house to decide if they should publish them or not.  I am not sure what that title is.  But, that would be awesome.

5. What’s a situation in your life currently requiring patience?

I am working on a capital request at work and I have all my stuff done and I am waiting on input from others and it is taking forever.

6. Do you live your life around days of the week? Explain.

Yes, we have baseball practice, ballet class, and then everything else crazy that goes on during our week.  So, we plan everything around our schedule.

7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what ‘R word’ best describes your April?


8. Insert your own random thought here.

I did it.  I’m done.  I will be graduating with a 4.0.


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