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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 244

Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for the 244th Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Come join in on the fun over at Joyce’s blog… we’d love to have you!

1. What’s surprised you most about your life, or about life in general?

How hard it is to be a mom of twins.

2. Among others, these ten words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year…awesomesauce, beer o’clock, brain fart, buttdial, cat cafe (apparently this is a real thing), fatberg (gross-read the definition here), fat shame, hangry, Mx (gender neutral), and skippable.

Your thoughts? In looking over the list, which word do you find most ridiculous? Which word would you never in a million years say out loud? Which word would you be most likely to use in conversation?

Most of those words are ridiculous.  Do we really need to have these words added?  The word I will never use in a million years would be fatberg.  I do use awesomesauce occasionally, but I don’t think it should be added to the dictionary.

3. Do you like gravy? Is there a food you’d rather not eat unless it comes with gravy? Do you make your own or buy the canned or store-made variety? Turkey and gravy, sausage gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, country ham and red eye gravy, biscuits and chocolate gravy, pot roast and gravy…which one on the list is your favorite?

Oh my yes.  It is rare that I eat biscuits unless there is gravy on them.  I make my own sausage gravy.

4. Do you have a plan? Do you need a plan? Have you ever had a plan fall into a trillion pieces? Explain.

I used to be a big planner but then I had twins.  My plans always fall by the wayside these days.

5. November 19 is National Play Monopoly Day. Do you own the original or some version of the game? Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? How likely is it you’ll play a game of Monopoly on November 19th? Ever been to Atlantic City? Ever taken a ride on a railroad? Is parking in your town free? Last thing you took a chance on?

My kids love Monopoly and we have several versions.  It is probably pretty likely that I will play Monopoly on November 19th.  I have never been to Atlantic City, I have ridden on a railroad, parking is free in my town, and the last thing I took a chance on was taking a new medicine my doctor prescribed.

6. A song you like that has the word (or some form of the word) thanks in the title, lyrics, or meaning?

The first song that pops into my head is the Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler.

7. In keeping with this month’s theme of gratitude….what is something you’re taking for granted that when you stop and think about it, you’re grateful for?

My education.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving!  Where in the world did November go?  I hope December slows down… I am not ready for Christmas!


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  1. good answers.

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