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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 251

Brrrrr… is it cold outside!  We got a couple of inches of snow Monday night and when I attempted to drive to work Tuesday morning, I ended up going back home.  I emailed my manager and told her I was working from home… well, that is until the power went out at 2 p.m.  It was only a balmy 11° when that happened.  We played games and messed around until dinner time.  Still no lights… so, we headed up town to get something to eat and then drove around for an hour or so to get warm.  Back home we went… no power.  Back out in the car we went.  We ended up coming home and deciding to rough it and see what happened.  (It was 6° at this time – 44° in the house.)  The poor kids were bundled up and on the couch under 6 blankets.  Don and I were on the love seat with several blankets and sweat shirts… and Kashtin was on our laps.  Needless to say, at 10 p.m. when the power came back on, we were happy campers…

Of course, when I got to work this morning… the furnace is out.  So, again… I am freezing.  But, alas… I won’t let that stop me from making a post today!  I had to wait until lunch when I had a few minutes, but here is Wednesday Hodgepodge…

1. Share one thing that really makes your day.

When the kids throw their arms around me and say they love me.

2. Lots of these kinds of lists out there, but one found here says the fifteen most colorful places on earth are:

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy~Burano, Italy~Havana, Cuba~Rio de Janiero, Brazil~Chefchaouen, Morocco~Balat, Istanbul, Turkey~Menton, France~Jodhpur, India~La Baca, Buenos Aires, Argentina~Guanajuato, Mexico~Capetown, South Africa~Valparaiso, Chile~Wroclaw, Poland~San Francisco, California~and Pelourhino, Salvador, Brazil.  

Of those listed which would you most like to see up close and in person? Of all the places you’ve seen or traveled in your own life, what would you say was one of the most colorful?

Of those listed, I would most like to visit Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  I don’t know why really… just think it would be cool to visit there.  Of all the places I have visited, I would have to say that the Grand Canyon was the most colorful – even though the colors were earth tones and not bright.  We were lucky enough to see the sun set on the southern rim at Hermit’s Rest… the colors reflecting as the sun hit them was breathtaking.

3.“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield.  In general, would you agree or disagree with that statement? Why?

Agree.  To get anywhere you want to go, you have to step into the unknown… this is along the same lines.  If it was easy, then everyone would have done it.

4. Imagine you’re stranded on a desert island and dessert appears…what do you hope it is? Do you ever struggle to remember which spelling is desert and which is dessert?

Oh my… it would have to be a cupcake with buttercream icing piled high.  I always remember desert because sand only has one S.

5. What song almost always makes you cry?

“Who’d You Be Today” by Kenny Chesney

6. January is National Soup Month.  Everything from soup to nuts, in the soup,thick as pea soup, souped up…which saying most recently applies to your life in some way? Explain.

Really, none of those… but I’d like some soup.  Hot, steamy soup.  With a cup of delicious, warm hot chocolate… did I mention I am cold?

7. Write a two word note to your younger self. What does it say?

No regrets.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I think I am addicted to making ATCs.  I will have a tutorial on here soon.  I think I would rather make them than scrapbook… and I am not sure what that says about my unfinished scrapbook projects.

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