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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 296

Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge – that fun, random question blog hop.  Joyce asks the questions and we provide the answers.  Come join us and have some crazy fun!

1. What’s the last thing you did that someone else thought was super?

I made my kids their favorite sandwich – chicken nuggets on a bun with macaroni and cheese on top.  Bo kept telling me how delicious it was.  Made my day.

2. The last thing you ate that tasted superb?

Last weekend we went to the Six Hundred for pizza and garlic knots.  Oh my.  Best.  Pizza.  Ever.

3. Supersensitive, superstitious, superwoman, superambitious, supercilious, supervisor, superficial…pick a super word from the list and tell us how it relates to your life in some way recently or currently.

I would have to say superambitious.  As I get more involved with things at work I see all these areas that could be improved on but I am not sure I will ever have the time to tackle them!

4. Do you love easily? If you’re comfortable doing so, explain why you think that is.

I don’t think so.  I don’t like to get close to people because I am afraid I am going to get hurt.  Like when my dad died, most of my “friends” left me behind – so it has taken a long time to trust another person to be a best friend.

5. Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday this year. Will you mark the day in some way? If you’re celebrating with a dinner out somewhere will it be on Tuesday or will you celebrate over the weekend?

We usually have something red for dinner – spaghetti or pizza – and have a little treat.  Sort of a mini-party with the kids.

6. What’s something you are loving right now?

The fact that I am getting my kids’ rooms, hallway and dining room painted on Monday.  I am so excited.  We have hardly done anything to the house since we moved in 8 years ago… and what I have done hasn’t been finished.

7. Write a three word (or less) phrase you’d like to see on a Valentine candy heart.

“Moon and back.”  The kids and I always tell each other we love each other to the moon and back times infinity.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I know I haven’t even had my rooms painted yet, but I already want to book him to come paint my living room and bathroom.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have pretty walls and a pretty house.




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  1. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint – especially when someone else does the painting!

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