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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 339

Happy Wednesday!  When you read this, I will be in a conference room with my team and all our equipment… monitors, computers, etc… they will be rearranging our office and we had to relocate.  As much as I love my team, I don’t know if I am going to make three days in a room with them.  We will practically be sitting on top of each other for three days.  But, it is what it is… so, let’s get on with the Wednesday Hodgepodge!

1. Speaking of endings….at your wit’s end, at loose ends, a dead end, burn the candle at both ends, all’s well that end’s well, or no end in sight…which ‘end’ phrase might best be applied to your life lately? Explain.

I would have to say I am at my wit’s end.  Lately I seem like I can’t keep all the balls in the air – something is going to have to give.

2. What was a must have accessory when you were growing up? Did you own one? If so tell us what you remember about it.

It was HUGE hair bows.  Like half-the-size-of-your-head bows.  I had several and even a few my mom made me.  The funny thing is… they are making a comeback.  Those Jojo Siwa bows?  Yeah, the kids of the 80’s wore those.

3. Something that made you smile yesterday?

I had an opportunity to go to local science museum with a wonderful group of women that work at my company to discuss what we will be doing for a STEAM event for the Girl Scouts.  Everyone was so friendly and fun and we had a great time.

4. January 30th is National Croissant Day. Do you like croissants? Sweet or savory? We’re having chicken salad for lunch…would you rather have yours served on a croissant, a wrap, a bagel, bread, or a roll of some sort?

I love croissants.  I like mine with an SOB on them – grab the recipe here.  If I was having chicken salad, I would prefer it on a croissant… but, at home probably would have it in a wrap or bread.

5. Sum up your January in fifteen words or less.

Work.  Life.  Flu.  Snow.  Bills.  Taxes.  Tired.  Cold.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday, during the meeting for the STEAM event I was given the opportunity to do/see something cool… I was in a museum while they were closed!  I have been there when they were open – but the atmosphere is totally different.  Echos, dimmed lights, emptiness.  It was an interesting – and somewhat creepy – experience.  But, cool nonetheless.




Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 339 | Mini Van Dreams


  1. When I was a girl scout leader the Science Center in Baltimore allowed troops to spend the night. There were activities all throughout the museum. It was a lot of fun, although we did sleep on the floor, and the security spotlights never shut down : ) Good luck with the office move!

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