Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 340 | Mini Van Dreams

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 340

Happy Wednesday!  I hope in your neck of the woods, it is warm and spring like.  Here in Ohio, we have snow and cold.  And more snow.  And more cold.  I am so ready for spring!  Since it is Wednesday, it is time for Wednesday Hodgepodge – that fun, random question blog hop that Joyce hosts for us each week.  Ready?  Let’s get going…

1. February can be a little bit tricky given the weather and the winter and the whatnot. I read a list (here) of things you can do to make your February brighter which included-start planning your next trip, take more baths, make your own chocolate covered strawberries, and exercise in preparation for swimsuit season. Anything on the list you might try? Which suggestion on the list appeals to you most? Tell us something not on the list that helps make your February brighter.

I think planning our next trip would be fun.  We have scheduled our family vacation already, but I still need to figure out when to fit in our Amish Country weekend with Nana and the kids.  Something I like to do in February/March that isn’t on the list, is to begin thinking about my garden.  Not that I always plant one, but I enjoy looking at all the seed catalogs and dreaming about what I want to plant.

2. Tell us about something you’ve seen or done recently that you’d say was ‘super’?

Watch the Patriots lose the Super Bowl was amazing.

3. Best thing you ate in a ‘bowl’ last week?

Last night, I made peanut chicken over cauliflower rice and it was sooooo good.

4. Something you’re ‘cheering’ for right now?

Spring.  Warm weather.

5. The Winter Olympics begin Friday, February 9th in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being all in and 1 being no interest whatsoever) how interested are you in the games? Which event do you most want to see (you’ll find a list here).

I am about an 8.  I love watching some of the events – it reminds me of being a kid and watching them with my dad.  I enjoy the skiing, ice skating, and speed skating.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I am so sick of the sick running through our house.  I am ready for Spring.  Warm weather.  Less germs.


Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 340 | Mini Van Dreams


  1. Fun Hodgepodge answers today! I’m cheering for spring too. We have a storm coming in today — supposed to get 8 to 12 inches. It hasn’t started yet, but the sky looks ominous.

  2. I saw you listed on the Hodgepodge and since we share a name I had to say hi. HI! I list my name as Julie because that’s what I’ve been called for years, but the name on my birth certificate is actually Julia so I love and answer to either.

  3. Most of the time I refuse to answer to Julie. It bothers me alot because that isn’t my name. Even my mom calls me Julie and I respond with “Uh” for the A sound sometimes.

  4. Yikes! We got about 2″ and it is still falling. I started out for work this morning, went about a half mile, and turned around and came home. I am lucky enough that I am able to work remotely.

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