Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 396

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 396

Wednesday Hodgepodge time! I love this blog hop, I really hope Joyce continues on with it even after the “year of quarantine” is over. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started joining in again!

With it being Wednesday, hopefully you already have your turkey in the fridge to thaw and getting ready for the big day! I took the easy way out this year, since it is just go to be Nana, Kenny, and the kids… I ordered Thanksgiving from Bob Evans. I know, I know…

1. It’s Thanksgiving week in the US of A so let’s talk turkey. And by turkey I mean the elephant in the room because it’s still 2020 and our blogs are a record of sorts of the times in which we live. 
Do you live in a state (or if you’re outside the US, a country) that’s instituted restrictions on the size of gatherings in your own home? What do we think about this? (keep it classy folks)

We are supposed to have 10 people or less for Thanksgiving. But, I have my “pod people” – the kids, Nana, and Kenny – so, those are all the people who are coming. I am around them nearly every day, so I guess we are ok.

I am ok with the restrictions – of course, I don’t have a big family that gets together for holidays, so maybe I would feel different. In Ohio, we have a lot of guidelines and restrictions but if people don’t follow the basic ones (masks and hand washing) I don’t know why they think they will follow the holiday restrictions.

I look at it this way… less than 10 people is less dishes I have to wash when they leave.

2. Let’s move in a cheerier direction. Will there be corn on your holiday dinner menu? How so? Cornbread-corn pudding-corn chips and dip-cornbread dressing/stuffing-corn chowder-or regular canned, frozen or fresh corn in a bowl…which of the ‘corns’ listed is your favorite? 

We are having corn – it comes with my Bob Evans meal. Cornbread dressing also. On a “normal” year, I usually make corn casserole – you know, with the Jiffy mix, creamed corn and regular corn. I would have to say that is my favorite corn dish at Thanksgiving.

3. What is there a cornucopia of in your home, job, or life currently? 

Right now, there is a cornucopia of fabric in my house! Nana left a bunch of fabric she was cutting for a quilt on my table, there is a half finished quilt sitting next to me on the couch, and I have two quilts cut and ready to go over by my sewing machine.

4. Have you ever quit something (such as a habit, a food, a time-sucker, a relationship) cold turkey? Is there something you need to quit cold turkey? 

I finally kicked my soda habit at the end of last year – I was drinking 3-4 (or more) cans a day. I managed to cut back to only drinking soda if we went out to eat. Then, Covid hit… and I am drinking it again. Not as much as I was, because I don’t keep it in the house – but, some nights I just have to have a diet Coke and I head up to McDonalds to get one. So, that is probably something I should just quit cold turkey… but, it’s 2020…

5. Share a favorite verse, quote, saying, or song lyric relating to gratitude. 

My dad used to always tell me kindness and gratitude is always free. I have always remembered that – no matter who you are, if you do something for me I say thank you. Many times, it surprises people… just the other day, I went to Burger King to get a soda (I know…) and when I got up to the window they gave it to me free. The clerk said I was the only person who was polite and said thank you to her that day. So, always say thank you… it might be the only kindness someone gets that day.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

A little while ago, I received some amazing news. An author that I love was on a ventilator and in a drug-induced coma (not because of Covid). There is a huge group of her fans who interact with her daily on her Facebook page and we have all been praying and hoping she gets better. Today, her sister shared, they brought her out of the coma, took her off the ventilator and she was able to talk to her! We are all so thankful and grateful she seems to be getting better each day.


  1. I’m so glad to hear your author friend is doing better! And as far as Bob Evans Thanksgiving goes, I say whatever works for you this year. I think it’s hard to go wrong with a turkey dinner, no matter who prepares it. Enjoy yours!

  2. Soda–you can do it! It took me a couple of tries, but I finally kicked soda to the curb.
    You’re in Ohio??? So am I now! (Just moved here to be near our daughters)
    I think we should all have the goal of making someone smile or laugh every day! And thank everyone! One thing I try to do to servers and workers who have name tags–I read their names and then address them by name.
    Happy Thanksgiving from my pod to yours.

  3. What wonderful news you shared in your random thought. Sounds like you have a good attitude about having a small group for Thanksgiving, too. It’s good to be thankful. Love the Burger King story, too!.

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