Mini Van Dreams... and dirty dishes.

Welcome to Mini Van Dreams!

Welcome to our new blog – Mini Van Dreams!  I have been so excited about our launch… it took everything I had to not go-live early.  (While I am thinking of it, make sure you update your links to the blog and that you are following us on social media!)  We hope you like the new look and feel of Mini Van Dreams. 

Why the change?  Don wanted to play a bigger part in the blog with me.  He has some great ideas that will be posted in the near future – from recipes to DIY to car maintenance for women!  And, since the old blog was “Mom on the Run x2” I thought it would be good to change the name to something for both of us.

We tossed around several names and Mini Van Dreams came to me driving home one night.  And dirty dishes was tacked on while designing the blog… satirical play of Robin Leech’s “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams…”

So, take a look around, follow us on social media, and update your favorites…

I give you…

Mini Van Dreams… and dirty dishes


  1. I love the new name and new look! Welcome to the team, Don! I’m looking forward to great things from you both in 2014!

  2. Mandy Jenkins says:

    Welcome Don!

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