What the Hubs Will Miss About This Summer

This week, I asked the Hubs if he wanted to take a stab at the Monday Listicles.  The topic is 10 Things I’ll Miss About This Summer.  He did such a great job, I think I might let him post more often!

1. Playing outside with Bo and Mo.
2. Watching the sunset.
3. 4th of July fireworks.
4. Sitting on the deck with Julia.
5. The sound of motorcycles heading down the road.
6. Ice cream from Dairy Queen.
7. Race tracks will be closed for the winter.
8. Cruising with the windows down.
9. Late afternoon thunderstorms.
10. Bonfires in the back yard.

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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Thanks. I had fun doing it and look forward to more posting in the future. I learned from the best!!

  2. Aw, sweet Don. My husband would never, ever write a post!
    There were lots of things to enjoy this past summer! I’m sure you all will find plenty of ways to have fun throughout fall and winter, too.

  3. He wants to write another one… maybe he could guest post for you? LOL.

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