What’s in The Rusty Bucket?

The Rusty Bucket has some cool programs and offerings going on right now… check it out.

Fish Fridays

For those readers that are observing Lent, or just love fish in general, The Rusty Bucket is offering Fish Fridays.  There are several choices to choose from including Atlantic Cod Fish ‘n Chips, Bucket O’ Shrimp, Fish Sandwich, Asian Tuna Wrap, Tequila Lime Tilapia, Pan-Seared Salmon, Blackened Salmon Salad, and Parmesan Crusted Tilapia.  (Okay, I am not sure I could decide which one sounds the best!  YUM!)


The Bucketeer Bookworm Program

The Rusty Bucket understands how important reading and learning are to the Bucketeers.  So, they have expanded their Bucketeer Bookworm Program!  Pick up a bookmark at your local ‘Bucket and get the kids to reading.  Once they read and  fill in 5 books on the back, take it back in and they get a free kid’s meal!

 Bucketeer Bookworms


Rusty Bucket Solon Introduces Handcrafted Pizza

Today, the Solon Rusty Bucket has added handcrafted pizzas to its menu.  They include “The Big Sicilian”, Margherita, Pesto, Vegetarian, Pepperoni and Peppers and a build-your-own option.  The pizza features a crisp crust, freshly made sauce, and a variety of toppings.  Check it out!


The Rusty Bucket Solon Expansion

The Solon Rusty Bucket is expanding!  They are adding an additional 1000 square feet and 72 more seats.  Plus, a private dining room for special occasions or sporting events!  The entire place is getting a makover including a fireplace and upgrades to the tables, booths, lighting, floors, and draft system.  Once the final remodel is completed, in Spring 2013, the restaurant will boast of 5000 square feet and 240 seats!


What is the Rusty Bucket?

The Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern was founded in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio.  They deliver a comfort-food inspired menu and an American restaurant and tavern atmosphere.  Rusty Bucket is a sister company of Cameron Mitchel Restaurants and currently operates 13 locations in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.  A 14th location is coming in Summer 2013 to Easton Town Center.  For more information, visit MyRustyBucket.com.


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