What’s Your Favorite?

Halloween is this Wednesday!  I have mentioned before how this is my favorite time of year… the kickoff of the holiday season.  I’m throwing it out to my readers today (which means, you lurkers need to comment!)


What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Do you buy your favorite to pass out to the children or do you hoard it for yourself?

My favorite Halloween candy is Reese Cups.  I also liked, back in the day, when you could actually get the snack size of Reese Pieces.  Yum.  And, heck no I don’t pass out my faves!  I hoard those!


So, seriously… comment below.  All you have to do is enter your email address, name and comment OR log in with your Twitter or Facebook information.  Really, its that easy.  


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One Comment

  1. nana likes candy corn mixed with peanuts for the dish beside her chair.
    to hand out to the kids i buy something for all ages, suckers,smarties,skittles.
    my fav candy bar no matter what the year would be ZERO.

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