Where’s IKEA?

A few weeks ago, I had a hankering to go to IKEA.  Mom wanted to go, so we decided to make it a “girls’ day” and take Miss Morgan also.
The boys were going to hang out at home, play Mario and eat pizza.

We hopped in the car and headed to IKEA.  Morgan and I picked up mom and headed South.

The last time I went to IKEA… it seemed alot closer.  Oh, wait… it was.  We’ve since moved.  It seemed like we were driving to the other side of the state.

We get to IKEA and get inside– hit the bathrooms– and then head up the escalator for some serious shopping.

Okay, so maybe not-so-serious– modern, minimalistic stuff isn’t my style.  I was in search of a tent for the kids to play indoors with.

We bypass all the couches, beds, etc. and hit the children’s section.  Where I proceeded to shop like a maniac.  Stools for the bathroom.  Hamper for the kids’ bedroom.  Toys for the kids.  Found the tent, but it looked SO MUCH bigger online, so I didn’t get it.

We mosied to the elevator– after over an hour in the kids’ section– and hit the “fun” stuff.  I love cooking and I love IKEA’s cooking utensils, pots and pans, etc.  Morgan had a blast singing into an ice cream scoop and entertaining the other shoppers.

We are walking around and Morgan yells at me across the room (she is with mom)…

“Mommy, where’s IKEA?”

I bust out laughing.  I tried to explain to her we WERE at IKEA and IKEA wasn’t a person.

Meanwhile, I picked up a wooden spoon set and said, “Hey Morg, look… maybe mommy should get this to spank you with.”  (Note– I don’t spank my kids like that, so don’t even bother making a comment!)

The best part about my kids is that they get my sense of humor.  They know when I am being serious or joking around.

Morgan says, “Mommy, you are so silly.  You don’t spank me.”

Too funny.

By the end of our shopping, I had one tired little girl.  And, a tired Nana for that matter… Morg was leaning up against me over the cart and trying hard to stay awake.  She was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

Every night, when I tuck my kids into bed I always ask what the best part of the day was.  Troy usually says playing cars with daddy or jumping on the trampoline.  Not Miss Morgan.

When you ask her, she says “Going to IKEA.”

I’ll say to her, “We did that weeks ago.”

She says, “But, it was fun.”

Do you think its some recessive Swedish gene coming out?

Of course, she might still think IKEA is a person… you never know with her.

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