Who is LIlly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams

Who is Lilly Bartlett?

Do you think you can guess who Lilly Bartlett is?  She is an author who writes like she is your best friend, has amazing, believable characters, a healthy dose of humor and happy-ever-afters.

Who is Lilly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams

Here’s your clues:

  1.  Lilly is British
  2. Lilly is a Sunday Times and USA Today bestseller
  3. Lilly has written in other genres besides rom-com

Keep reading to see if you can figure out who Lilly is…

Who is LIlly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams


From a priest who practically has his own bar stool, an uncle who wears dresses, a crazy hen party, and a champagne wedding on a dime store budget, The Big Little Wedding in Carlton Square has it all!


Who is Lilly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams


Motor-scooter selling Emma is engaged to upper-crust Daniel and she is starting to get cold feet when it comes to the wedding planning.  She wants a small, vintage wedding but Daniel’s mom wants a huge wedding worthy of magazine covers and society pages.  Her family refuses to let Daniel’s family pay.

So what does a girl do?  She pulls in favors, asks for help, and runs herself crazy trying to throw the wedding of the year on a meager budget.  Think she can do it with a little help from her friends?  Think the wedding will go off without a hitch?  You might be surprised.

You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will be holding your breath until the “I do’s” are said in this new rom-com by Lilly Bartlett.


Who is LIlly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams


You are cordially invited to The Big Little Wedding in Carleton Square!  Come see if Emma can pull off the wedding of her dreams on her small budget without losing her mind or getting arrested.

Check out the first three chapters here for free!  Or, go ahead and grab the full copy at Amazon.com.


It isn’t about your world or my world.  Together we are making our own world.


When I first read this book, I did not know who Lilly Bartlett was myself.  But, I fell in love with her writing style and believable characters.  It is one of those books that sucks you right in and doesn’t let go.  I would laugh out loud at the antics Emma and her friends would get into; I would groan at the interactions with Daniel’s family.

Once I got through the first 4 or 5 chapters it dawned on me who Lilly Bartlett was.  There is only one author that I have had the privilege of reviewing that has made me feel like I was best friends with the characters in the book.

Lilly (No, I am not sharing who she is just yet) has an amazing writing style that draws you into the story and creates emotions and feelings for the characters unlike any other author I have read.  But, Lilly does it with a special touch – at no time does the feeling go away or get annoying or intrusive.  I can picture myself with Emma and her friends finding bridesmaid dresses.  I can see myself hanging out at the bar, talking with family and friends.  I can simply put myself into the story as Lilly weaves it around me.  It is a perfect read for vacation or on the beach this summer.


Who is Lilly Bartlett? | Mini Van Dreams


So, who is Lilly Bartlett?

None other than one of my favorite authors – Michele Gorman!  Make sure you check out my reviews for some of Michele’s other books:  The Curvy Girls Club, Match Me if You Can, The Reluctant Elf, and Little Sacrifices (under pen name: Jaime Scott.)



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