Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert

I recently finished reading  Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert. This is one of the best Christian fiction books I have read  in a while.

The story is about Bethany Quinn who is an architect in Chicago who is called back home to rural Iowa for a family emergency. She swears to herself she won’t be there long.  She has spent her entire life avoiding her rough upbringing and has created a name for herself in a prestigious architect firm.

Enter Evan Price. Evan has been helping out and taking care of the Quinn family farm for years. He has dreams of owning his own land and farm.

When they get thrown together in a crazy inheritance bequest… things start to get interesting.

Bethany is attempting to forget her childhood, her mom, and even her best friend. And has abandoned God at the same time. Evan is close to God and trying to achieve his dream.

The characters in this book are beautiful. You fall in love with both of them immediately. You learn you can go home. You learn to trust God. You learn that a heart can heal.  You learn that it is okay to let go and go back to your roots.

This book is a sweet and romantic read. You want to move right to Peaks, Iowa to meet Bethany and Evan. I laughed. I cried. I understood.  You want to walk right out into the pasture with them and sit among the wildflowers.  You want to sit down at the table with them.  They are believable characters and very well developed.  I can’t believe this is a first book.  It is an amazing read.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book… it ended. But, all good things must end.

Can’t wait to read more by Katie Ganshert.

Wanna sneak peak?  Check out Chapter 1 here!


I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


  1. I have this one sitting on my shelf and for some reason haven’t gotten to it yet. Thanks for the reminder to read it! Nice review. :)

  2. First time commenting on your blog; I read this book earlier in the year. It was a very good story indeed! You did a great review of it!


  3. hey girl. i write a column for our church newsletter and i do book reviews. Can I use this for the January issue?

  4. Yes but it’s a digital book and my Kindle is broke.

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