Winter Berries Free Printable Planner Stickers

There is nothing I love more than seeing birds in the winter – feeding on a feeder, chirping on my deck. When I saw these beautiful watercolor graphics, I knew I had to make a planner sticker set with them! Brighten up your January (or any winter month) with these beautiful watercolor birds! If these free planner stickers aren’t for you, click the link below to go to my planner sticker gallery for more sets!

This kit includes beautiful watercolor birds for winter. It is a perfect addition to your planner this season. The weekly set is available in both ECV and HP or similar sized planners. I also have some tips at the bottom for those using HP mini!

You might notice I have changed the stickers based on feedback from my readers. Now, there are more box covers and the ECV set has been resized for 2021!

Do I need special supplies?

Nope! The basics that you will need are a printer, your planner, a pair of scissors and some sticker paper! That’s it! I do recommend getting a paper cutter of some sort – one that is used for scrapbooking is great for planner stickers. This makes cutting the stickers much easier. But, to be honest, I usually just use scissors!

How to use the free planner stickers:

  1. Download and save the sticker sheet below. Do not print from Google Drive – it skews the sizing.
  2. Print the PDF onto full sheet sticker paper (Avery 8165 is what I use.)
  3. Cut and place decorate your planner.

But, I have an HP Mini…

Have an HP mini?  No problem!  Download the full size HP planner stickers to your desktop and open in Acrobat.  Choose print and resize to 80-85% of the original.

What else ya got?

There are more fun planner stickers and other printables on my free printables page… check it out!


  1. Julia, these are absolutely lovely! I’m changing my planning style, and these will be perfect. Thank you so very much.

  2. Michelle Cramer says:

    Thank you for these! I love decorating in my planner with stickers, but it can be hard to find decorative stickers that make it look pretty without all of the extra stuff. So many are full of labels and “functional planning” stickers, most of which I don’t use. I just use a bullet style logging system with pretty stickers and colored pens to brighten the pages. I will enjoy using these. Thanks!

  3. I don’t know how I missed these when you first posted them, but I am sure glad that I found them today! They’re so pretty! Thanks so much!

  4. I now have a newsletter where I send a weekly roundup of my posts, plus subscriber-only goodies. 🙂

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