Wordless Wednesday- What I Kicked At Midnight

There is a little story behind this picture.  It was around midnight.  I had gone to the bathroom to pee.  I am done and I turn to flush the toilet…

And, this is the site that greets me.

Now, in this picture you can obviously tell two things… it is fake and I need to sweep my floor.  But, when it is midnight and you don’t have your glasses on or the light turned all the way up…

It looked real.

Why would a turtle be in my bathroom, you might ask?  I have had a centipede the thickness of three of my fingers… a turtle really isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

I proceeded to kick at it to see what would happen.

It didn’t move thank God.

I then realized that it was a bathtub toy.

The hubs thought it was funny.

I didn’t.


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  1. ooh i so feel ya– those midnight eyes can have convinced me many a toy was some strangely real, and not very likely, intruder of sorts. =)


    Following you this beautiful Wordless Wednesday from the WW link up. I so look forward to getting to know you better through photos and posts and such. We’re riding the wave of life together at Local Sugar Hawaii and I’d love it if you’d join us.




  2. That happened to me last week but it wasn’t in my home and it was in the morning at my client’s house. We train in her basement and I went down first and when I turned the corner to the workout room, I screamed. Her husband has a life size cutout of Captain Pickard from Star Trek the next generation and it was standing on the treadmill. We both had a good life that morning. BTW, I’m a twin also, I have a fraternal twin sister.

  3. Oh goodness! Totally been there! At night, half asleep, is also not a great time to see a spider. I can’t stand them, and when it’s night you’re supposed to be quiet. How do I be quiet when I see a spider in my house? Especially if it’s anywhere near me? Not possible! Thanks for the laugh! (I hope you can laugh now.) 🙂

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