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Nearly 80% of the population in Bolivia lives in poverty and with no food security.  Can you imagine being a child in school and trying to concentrate with your belly growling and your only concern being when you will be able to eat again?  It is hard to concentrate and learn when you are hungry.  According to the WFP, there are 66 million primary school aged children who attend classes worldwide hungry.

66 million hungry children.

At Huarimarca School in Bolivia, children receive both breakfast and lunch – which includes locally-procured foods.  Many students prefer eating at school rather than at home because they love the vegetables they get with their lunch.  You can check out the short slide show below for more information.

Bolivia – WFP At Huarimarca: School Meals Give More Than Food In Bolivia.

Only have a couple of minutes?  Read Two Minutes to Learn About School Meals. 

At WFP’s website, you can even play fun games like FREERICE, take quizes, and other games to help feed children.  For free.  Take a short 10 minute break and help out!  Play Games to Feed Kids!

Also, right now on the World Food Programme website, you can submit a question in English, which will be translated and delivered to the children in Bolivia to be answered in the upcoming weeks.  You might even get a personal response!  Click the link below and ask away!


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